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My Family

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Monday, October 12, 2009

David just gave me the last cookie

David & I baked sugar cookies yesterday, nothing fancy, but after going to the "pumpkin patch" yesterday for a couple of hours he wanted a "pumpkin patch snack" so I grabbed the ready made "pumpkin" sugar cookies out of the refrigerator. Good thing I did not make from scratch as he thought 10 minutes were an eternity to leave them in the oven. He unfortunately can reach everything on the counter & had full access to the cooling rack. He brought me a cookie every time he went & got one. I had to go grab them quick & put them away as we were both eating way too many. Well we started on them again for the afternoon snack today & he keeps handing them to me. He just handed me the last one & looked at me like I was crazy when I said are you sure you want to give me the last one? I did not eat it, I have saved it for him. What a great afternoon smile!