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My Family

My Family

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Kiss Me Again Mommy

Words that made my whole day at 3:00 am this morning! David woke up & said his ear was hurting so I climbed in bed with him, which was a huge task climbing over bed rails at almost 9 months pregnant, but I snuggled him & kissed his ear he was already back to sleep & he said a few seconds later "kiss me again mommy". To think I could have missed that moment as until I met my wonderful husband I had not planned on having children. David always says "save me mommy" if he needs help or wants me to pick him up, And then he says "you saved me mommy" What he does not realize is that he saved me! I cannot imagine my life with out David & cannot imagine my life getting any better, but it has to with double the joy I will have with Cameron arriving in a few weeks!